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lunes, 10 de marzo de 2014

Aprender español gratis para niños

Si quieres aprender español hemos seleccionado unos juegos y páginas web que te pueden ayudar. Son actividades muy divertidas y además son gratis.

If you want to learn Spanish, we have selected a few games and web pages that might help you. They are very fun and are also free.


Games to learn Spanish for young children

BBC has games and activities to learn Spanish. You can learn a lot of vocabulary, play games and watch vídeos. 

BBC KS2 primary Spanish resources for children: vocabulary and sound activities around topics such as greetings, colours and numbers.

Primary Spanish for 8-11 year olds features interactive games, ideas and resources for teaching Spanish at KS2.

BBC Bitesize Spanish (for 12-18 year olds): A Secondary school revision resource for Foundation and Higher level GCSE Spanish about listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Web sites to learn Spanish

Online Free Spanish is a fun way to learn Spanish. 
Knowing Spanish opens the door for you to communicate with 400 million people worldwide.

1 2 3 Teach Me Spanish is a funny place to learn Spanish for children.

Learn a language is a web to learn Spanish Vocabulary.

We hope that you like these games to learn Spanish.
Best wishes from Spain.
Miguel and his mother María Dolores


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